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Starting October 19, JP will celebrate the Week of Respect and School Violence Awareness Weeks with a daily Upstander challenge. 

An Upstander is someone who stands up and speaks out when someone is being hurt. Upstanders treat others with kindness and care. Upstanders create a warm and welcoming JP community. At JP we believe every student can be an upstander!

Monday - Meeting Monday - Say hello to three new people.

Tuesday - Tribute Tuesday - Give three sincere compliments.

Wednesday - Wonder Wednesday - Ask three people friendly questions to show your interest in them.

Thursday - Thank You Thursday. Say thank you to three people who have been kind to you.

Friday - Friendly Friday - call a JP friend on the phone to say hello and chat.

We typically read these announcements over the PA system each morning, but with some students doing remote learning teachers will plan to share and discuss the daily challenges during morning meeting time.

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