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2021-2022 Health & Safety Protocols


Many of the same protocols that were implemented last school year will remain in effect, with a few adjustments. We will continue to adjust protocols and procedures when necessary.

Masks: Regardless of vaccination status, Princeton Public Schools will require students and staff to wear masks while at school (indoors and outdoors) and while riding a school bus. Classroom teachers will provide mask breaks throughout the day.

Daily Heath Screenings: We will continue to require staff and parents to complete the Daily Health Screening. If any student or staff member is not feeling well, they should stay home and consult with our school nurse. It is important that we remain honest, open and transparent about our symptoms so that we keep our school community healthy and safe. If we disregard this, it puts us in jeopardy of operating in-person, full-day instruction. We all play a major role in keeping our community healthy and safe! If a parent does not comply with completing the screening tool, we will notify you immediately. We are pretty relentless with this task, so, please make our job a bit easier in the morning and complete the screening tool before your child arrives at JP (before 7:30 am, please!) This will help prevent a potential exposure to all of our students and staff members.

Physical (Social) Distancing: We will maintain a minimum of 3 ft. social distance between students in the classroom. Where possible, we will increase the distance between students. The number of students in an individual class will play a large role in determining the distance between student desks beyond 3 ft. 

Ventilation and Air Quality Standards: Johnson Park Elementary School has just completed installing a new HVAC system to all of the classrooms. We will remain diligent with regular maintenance of our controls to ensure that all systems are performing at optimum levels. Weather permitting, we will continue to open windows so that outdoor air will be circulated as much as possible. 

Tents. We will have a few tents around Johnson Park this school year to utilize as an alternative location for lunch, snack breaks, recess, and other learning activities. 

Handwashing and Respiratory Etiquette: We will continue to practice handwashing and respiratory etiquette (covering coughs and sneezes) to keep from getting and spreading infectious illnesses, including COVID-19. We will monitor and reinforce these behaviors and provide adequate hand washing supplies, including hand soap and hand sanitizer. 

Cleaning and Disinfection: Princeton Public Schools custodians are trained and ready to do their part to keep all of our buildings safe and clean. In addition to performing their regular cleaning protocols, staff will disinfect high-touch surfaces. The full classroom disinfection process will be performed weekly (or as needed), in accordance with CDC recommendations.

Contact Tracing, Isolation and Quarantine: Contact tracing, in combination with isolation and quarantine, is used by public health departments to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. In general, contact tracing involves identifying people who have a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19 (cases) and people who they came in contact with (close contacts) and working with them to interrupt disease spread. This includes asking people with COVID-19 to isolate and their contacts to quarantine at home voluntarily. Our school nurses may help to initiate contact tracing, however, the local health department is the final authority on identifying close contacts and determining who is to be quarantined and for how long. We will comply with rules for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. Please feel free to reach out to Nurse Liz if you have any questions.

Symptoms and Feeling Ill: We ask all parents to keep their child home if they are not feeling well or showing symptoms. In these circumstances, we ask parents to consult with our school nurse so we can help guide parents and determine if we need to test or quarantine. It is critical for us to be open and honest. A sick child (or staff member) can jeopardize our entire school community. We want to remain open with in-person learning this entire school year, so it is important that honesty is the foundation of our decisions and communication. Thank you in advance for cooperating! We are in this together!

Travel Restrictions: Princeton Public Schools will follow the direction of the state regarding travel restrictions and quarantine requirements. Please reference our FAQ for details on how long you must quarantine if you plan to travel prior to September 9. Throughout the school year, we ask all parents to communicate with the school principal or the school nurse if a family is traveling out of the state. We anticipate some changes in the guidance regarding travel restrictions, therefore, we need to make sure we are in compliance at all times.

Bus Safety (COVID-19) Precautions: Bus drivers will be encouraged to open windows so that outdoor air will be circulated on the bus, as much as possible. In addition to the seating charts, students in the same family will be seated together while riding the bus. Students must wear a mask while riding on the bus.

Visitors and School Gatherings: PPS will continue to limit visitors and large gatherings inside our school buildings, at least for the beginning of the 2021-22 school year. The district maintains the ability to re-evaluate this mitigation as conditions warrant.

Back to School Night: Johnson Park’s Back to School Night is on Thursday, September 23. It will be a virtual evening.

Further questions? Please refer to the district website and/or Johnson Park’s website. Please click here for Frequently Asked Questions about our protocols. This information will be regularly updated.




Arrival Procedures: Students will arrive at Johnson Park School by car or by bus. We strongly recommend our students to take the bus as much as possible to reduce the number of cars arriving to JP. We also encourage bike riding or walking whenever possible! If parents are driving their students to school, be sure to use the car lanes—please keep the bus lane clear at all times.

Arrival time at JP for this school year is 8:15 am. Prior to arriving at JP, all students must have their Daily Screening Tool completed. One change this school year: We are not taking temperatures upon arrival. 

Dismissal Procedures: Dismissal will begin around 2:55 pm. Bus riders will be dismissed first, followed by car riders. All car riders will wait at the green top (basketball court) until all buses have departed. 

Parents who are picking up their students should use the car lanes. Parents can pick up their students at the green top, or staff members will escort students to their car in a safe manner. 

Afterschool Care: The traditional afterschool care program through the YMCA will be offered at all four elementary schools this year. Students who participate will remain at JP from 3 pm to 6 pm.

Seating Charts: We will use seating charts for students to support contact tracing, when necessary.

Specials and Special Classrooms: This year, students will be permitted to travel to their Specials in their respective classrooms.

Field Trips: Field trips (instructional) will remain virtual for now (at least through the fall; we will revisit during the first marking period).

Afterschool Clubs: We will continue to offer afterschool clubs, sponsored by the PTO, this school year.

Lunch: School lunch will be available each day and is available to all students at no charge. Students have the option of bringing lunch to school or getting lunch at school through our food service, NutriServe. 

We will maintain at least 6 feet distance between students during lunch. In order to achieve that goal and to provide a safe environment for our students and staff, we will:

·      Extend our lunch schedule so that we have one grade level at a time in the cafeteria,

·      Reduce the lunch period to 20 minutes while increasing the recess time to 30 minutes,

·      Offer alternate locations for classes to eat their lunch,

·      Monitor that our students are only taking off their mask to eat and once they are finished eating, they are to put their mask back on,

·      Monitor proper handwashing before and after eating,

·      Maintain seating charts so that we can quickly and accurately perform contact tracing,

·      Add additional adults in the lunch and recess areas to help monitor social distancing and other health protocols.

Breakfast: Breakfast is also available to students. The same procedures for lunch will also be followed for breakfast service. NutriServe is trying to keep breakfast service simple with a “Grab & Go” option for students.

Recess: Every student will have a supervised recess period during the school day. Students will wear masks while outdoors because we cannot always guarantee 6 ft. distances while students are playing.

Remote Learning: Remote instruction will only be available to students who are required to quarantine after exposure. We ask parents to refer to the table below:





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