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World Languages

In our global society, the ability to interact with ease in multiple language is quickly becoming an essential skill. Our approach to world languages places an emphasis on developing students' ability to confidently use the language they are studying at a high level of proficiency. Teachers strive to create an immersion experience for their students, so at all levels, students begin speaking in the language on the first day of class and actively use the language they are learning through various activities and written assignments. 



Starting in 2nd grade, students begin learning Spanish three to four days a week. Several elementary schools offer Spanish to students as early as kindergarten.  


Middle School

In middle school, students have the option to continue learning Spanish or to begin studying French. 7th grade students may also take Mandarin in addition to either Spanish or French. The Mandarin course meets five days a week from 7:45 to 8:30 AM. 


High School

Six world languages are offered to students: Spanish, French, Italian, Latin, Mandarin, and Japanese. Students can choose to take one or more of the world languages that are offered. 


Priscilla Russel, District Supervisor of World Languages, ESL/Bilingual and Dual Language Immersion Programs
609.806.4280 x 3252