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Over the next two years, Princeton Public Schools will continue to use $26.9 million in referendum funds to implement health and safety upgrades to our schools. Here are some of the planned improvements at John Witherspoon Middle School. These plans will be reviewed by the Board of Education and may change, as necessary, when bids for construction are received.

Academic Conference Center:  The ACC (also known as the old library) will be transformed into three flexible classrooms that are all on one level. The project will include a 640 square foot outdoor patio. The tentative start date for this project is late spring of 2020. A separate entrance for construction workers will be part of the project.

Health Office: The health office and nurse's station will be upgraded to include a new bathroom that complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act, a medical room, an exam room and three resting areas. The tentative start date for this project is summer 2020.

Cafeteria: The JW cafeteria will get new air conditioning in the summer of 2020.

Security Vestibule: JW will have a new entrance and security vestibule. The work will be done in the summer of 2020.

Air Conditioning for Classrooms: Approximately 46 JW classrooms will receive new air conditioning in the summer of 2020.

Electrical Work: Electrical upgrades were completed in the summer of 2019. The current transformer does not need to be upgraded at this time. There will be additional distribution panels added in the summer of 2020.

Sports fields: A new dugout, backstop and scoreboard will be completed in the summer of 2020.

Drawing showing JW renovations

Both the ACC and the health offices at John Witherspoon will be renovated.

plans for JW renovation of the ACC

The improved ACC will include classrooms and collaborative areas.

Drawing showing JW nurse's area renovations

Tentative plans for JW health office renovation.

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