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Our Values

Overarching values:

  • Our schools are places of partnershipwhere educators work closely with one another, where relationships with families are forged, and where collaborations with individuals and organizations across our community and throughout the world support the highest levels of teaching and learning.
  • Our schools are places of innovationwhere curiosity is sparked, risk-taking is encouraged, and where problems are viewed as opportunities for deeper understanding and creative solutions.
  • Our schools are places of carewhere every child is known, every culture valued, and where kindness and courage are modeled.

Core values:

  • We encourage creativity, innovation and risk-taking in our teaching and in how our students learn.
  • We instill passion in each individual to be a life-long learner and acknowledge that there are many pathways to success.
  • We model a culture of collaboration and civility with open communication and sharing of ideas among all stakeholders.
  • We inspire curiosity, exploration and problem solving to understand our world and our place within it.
  • We challenge each of our students appropriately and creatively, and we empower them to embrace the act of striving as an opportunity for growth.
  • We value rigorous learning and high academic achievement for all students.
  • We believe wellness, balance, and positive emotions are integral to our students’ optimal performance both within and beyond the classroom.
  • We empower all individuals to demonstrate character and compassion as they listen, lead and make a positive impact in our world.
  • We embrace our unique and valuable community resources and expertise, and we strive to use them wisely.
  • We celebrate the diversity of cultures within our community and ensure equal access and opportunity for all.