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Student and Parent Responsibilities

Parents, Guardians, Caregivers

  • Create  a quiet, distraction-free environment  conducive to online learning

  • Check Canvas, our Learning Management System, daily for updates. There are tutorials on our website; you can also e-mail the help desk at

  • Respect class time—only students should be seen and heard on the screen during class.

  • Report absences to a school secretary via e-mail. In addition to the ordinary reasons, “verified” absences include a COVID 19-related illness within the household and parental work‐schedule or childcare issues.  

  • Ensure students complete and turn in assignments.  

  • Feel free to raise questions and concerns with teachers.


  • Check in for daily attendance and attend all classes according to your schedule. 

  • Participate in classroom‐related activities.

  • Complete academic tasks and assignments, pay attention to discussions, and submit assignments as directed and on time. 

  • Remain in ongoing communication with teachers.   

  • Be proactive regarding due dates and other matters, telling parents, teachers, counselors, or other trusted adults if you have concerns.  

  • Understand that school rules apply even though you’re not in your school building. 

  • Make sure that your background is in good taste and appropriate for the classroom. 

  • Use your real name so your teacher and classmates know who you are.

  • Students in grades 3 through 12 should retain digital copies of their work until teachers confirm receipt.

Click here for a video summarizing responsibilities.