Utility Container

Riding the Bus

  • Drivers will wipe down hand rails and frequently touched surfaces after each run. 

  • Disinfectant will be sprayed on seat areas after each run.

  • Personnel responsible for cleaning school buses will document cleaning and sanitizing efforts. 

  • Hand sanitizer, tissues, and paper towels will be available on the bus. 

  • Windows and roof hatches will be opened to allow for cross ventilation, weather permitting.

  • Drivers and students will wear masks. 

  • Drivers will wear gloves. 

  • Students will remain 6 feet from driver and other students.

  • Seats will be clearly marked to facilitate social distancing; siblings may sit together.

  • The bus will be boarded from back to front, and exited from front to back. 

  • Drivers will be assigned a dedicated or consistent set of vehicles in order to limit the number of people sharing vehicles. 

  • A designated seat behind the driver will be available for a child who may feel sick. The driver will alert the transportation staff by radio to contact the school and ask that a school nurse or staff member meets the bus to assist the ill student. 

  • Drivers will keep passenger logs to enable contact tracing in case someone tests position for COVID-19.