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Meals: In School and Delivery

Eating In School

  • Breakfast and lunch will not be served. Students must eat breakfast at home and bring a snack to school. 

  • Students may eat only in the cafeteria, with appropriate social distancing. High school students may eat outside on the school grounds.

  • Staff will clean and sanitize tables/surfaces between each snack time.

Subsidized Lunch Program: Meal Delivery

  • Meal deliveries that are part of the subsidized lunch program will continue throughout the year. Meals from our food service vendor, Nutri-Serve, will be delivered on Wednesdays, as usual, in a manner that allows for social distancing. 

  • To accommodate the approximately 500 families who do not live in close proximity to a school, meals will be placed on buses in the Princeton High School parking lot and delivered to recipients’ homes.

  • To accommodate those families who live within walking distance of various central locations, a refrigerated truck will visit each location and remain for 45 minutes. Recipients will pick up their meals after a district staff member “checks in” each family and tells the distribution team what items and quantity the family receives. Families will be contacted with details about their pickup location. 

If you have questions regarding meal deliveries, please contact our Nutri-Serve Food Director:  K. Lee Dixon at (609) 806-4280 ext. 2950 or