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Strategic Planning 2023

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Forward Focus 2028

We are proud to share the strategic plan for our district! Focus Forward 2028 outlines a roadmap of goals, objectives, and an overall vision for achievement in our district. In the overview, you’ll see the following:

Portrait of a Graduate: Our community’s articulation of what Princeton PPS graduates need to know, be able to do, and embody upon graduation.

Our Goals: Our benchmarks  for the learning, growth, and success for every student, regardless of their background or circumstance.

Pillars:  The four capabilities we must develop as a District to accomplish our student success goals.

The targeted solutions and structures that facilitate the accomplishment of the goals for student success – in other words, the blueprint for putting our vision into daily, sustainable action.

You can read the overview here.

Focus forward


As we begin to move forward using this plan as our guide, we hope you will follow along. We will share progress updates via social media and our newsletter, Forward Focus with Dr. Kelley! Click here to receive these updates.