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Care, Connectedness and Communication


Objective 1: Vision and Expectations
Articulate district vision and expectations regarding communication and regularly evaluate their implementation.

Objective 2: Internal
Enhance internal communication among all district staff to ensure key issues and decisions are conveyed and feedback and new ideas are given voice.

Objective 3: External
Enhance external communication between the district and community.

Objective 4: Athletics
Increase communications about athletic teams and better engage the community in athletic events. 

Objective 5: Alumni
Enhance communication with alumni and increase connections between current students and alumni. 

Objective 6: New Families
Establish communication resources that will help new families feel welcome and ease their transition into the district. 

Objective 7: Crisis Communications
Establish or revise communications protocols for crisis situations to ensure clear and effective communication to all families. 

Objective 8: Board Communication
Establish practices for effectively communicating Board action to parents, staff, and community. 

Our goal is to promote a culture of care, connectedness, and communication across the district, between home and school, and throughout our broader community.