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Achievement Gap


Objective 1: Cultural Responsiveness
Enhance the cultural awareness and responsiveness of staff and students. 

Objective 2: Outreach
Increase outreach and support to families and community partners.

Objective 3: Equity and Access
Enhance equity and access for all students.

Objective 4: Early Literacy
Increase the verbal and mathematical literacy of children before they begin kindergarten.

Our goal is to promote equity and access in ways that effectively eliminate the "achievement" or opportunity gap.

Days of Dialogue

PHS students and staff participated in a Day of Dialogue, hosted by the Mercer County Superintendent's Association (MCSA), on Feb. 19 at Rider University. The event brought together high school students from every district in the county to engage in interactive activities created and implemented by the Center for Supportive Schools. The activities are designed to foster dialogue, to promote individual as well as community awareness, and to evolve into tangible action steps for each school community.

Members of the  Princeton High chapter of the Minority Student Achievement Network (MSAN) attended a Day of Diversity hosted by Greenwich High School in Greenwich, Conn., on Feb. 23, 2016.  "Build bridges, not walls," was a recurring theme of the meeting, which gave students a chance to discuss the value of supporting diversity and of truly getting to know individuals of diverse backgrounds, races and ethnicities. 

MSAN students, together with PHS advisor Lenora Keel, have drawn up an action plan, presented earlier this year to the PPS Board of Education, that focuses upon diversity and building strong student-teacher relationships. The plan will be folded into the district's Strategic Plan actions as well as inform the work of an upcoming Diversity Task Force recently announced by Superintendent Steve Cochrane.

Closing the Digital Divide
PPS is proud to announce the launch of a new Mobile Access Program (MAP) that provides computers and internet connectivity free of charge to eligible families. The goal of MAP is to ensure that all students in the district, regardless of economic means, have sufficient access to online educational resources to build their academic skills, facilitate their communication between home and school, and increase their knowledge about our community, nation and the world.

Training sessions are being held throughout the fall and winter until an estimated 200 students are enrolled in MAP. Above: The first training session, held at JW Middle School, in October. Below: Gabe Shackney of the PPS Tech Department re-images 25 MacBooks and works on setting up 50 new Sprint hot spots for the next distribution round.