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November 18, 2020

Dear PPS Staff and Parents,

As many of you know from the Board of Education meeting last night, Princeton Public Schools will have a week of remote learning after Thanksgiving. We will follow our regular hybrid schedule through Tuesday, November 24. Wednesday, November 25 is an early dismissal day and a remote learning day for all students. After Thanksgiving, there will be one week of remote learning for all students, from November 30 through December 4. PPS will return to the hybrid schedule on Monday, December 7.

As confirmed cases of COVID-19 rise in the community, we are concerned that the number of staff and students who may need to quarantine after Thanksgiving will make it difficult for PPS to operate schools. The extra week will give us time to ensure that when we re-start the hybrid program on December 7 we will do so in the safest possible way, having allowed for staff and students to quarantine as necessary.

Schools will be open for teachers who want to work from their classrooms during that week. Office staff in the schools and at Valley Road will work on a rotating basis.

We have been fortunate at PPS that there have been so few cases associated with the schools. To the best of our knowledge there has been no transmission in our buildings. However, as cases increase in our area and throughout New Jersey, we want to take precautions. We encourage all PPS families to sign up for Mayor Lempert's COVID updates.

I would like to thank our outstanding PPS staff for their continued vigilance in all our schools and commend the parents and students for all the precautions that they are taking.


Dr. Barry Galasso
Interim Superintendent

More information about PPS Schedules Nov 25 to Dec 7

  • All schools will operate on a remote schedule on Wed., Nov. 25, the day before our Thanksgiving recess.
  • All schools will operate on a remote schedule on Mon., Dec. 7, to accommodate our afternoon professional-development program for staff members.  This remote-only day will serve as the only day for remote instruction that week (Mon.-Fri., Dec. 7-11).
  • Our elementary schools will move their Mon., Dec. 7, hybrid schedule to Wed., Dec. 9 (which otherwise would have been their all-remote day).