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Voters Approve School Bond Referendum


Dear Students, Staff, Families, and Community Members,

I am pleased to share that on December 11, a majority of Princeton voters approved the $26.9 million bond referendum to support a variety of critical upgrades in the Princeton Public Schools.  Consistent with the goals of our strategic plan, the projects funded by the referendum will help to ensure safe, secure, and healthy learning environments for all of our students and staff. 

Princeton is a town that values both education and civic engagement. I am grateful to the many people who, regardless of their views about the referendum, made the time to tour our buildings, attend presentations, read through materials, and make their voices heard.  This referendum was the result of respectful discourse and reasonable compromise.  Together, we established a path forward that addresses the most immediate needs of our students while honoring the economic diversity of our town. 

We hope this referendum can become a catalyst for continued conversation.  We still have the challenge of rising enrollments and limited resources, but we know it is a challenge we can solve together as a town.

In the meantime, we will continue to inform and engage our community as we move forward with transparency in implementing the approved referendum projects.  Look to our website and to our Board meetings for regular updates on bond sales, construction schedules and, beginning next summer, progress at each building.

Thank you, all, for your commitment to our students, to the responsible stewardship of our facilities and to the future of public education in Princeton.


Steve Cochrane
Superintendent of Princeton Public Schools

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