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Updated October 2

CrisisGo Update: New Morning Deadline 

PPS has transitioned to CrisisGo, which is an online tool (with an app for your phone) that allows school administrators teachers, and school staff to verify completion of our daily symptom screening. The goal this school year is to keep schools open for full days, five days a week. The Princeton Health Department has asked that PPS stress the importance of having all students and staff complete the screening every day (including weekday holidays if possible). 


Based on feedback from PPS students and  families, the new deadline to complete CrisisGo is now 7:50 AM.

  • The earlier students complete CrisisGo the better!
  • Please complete it by 7:50 at the latest.
  • This deadline allows school to print out the names of students who have not done the screening and then place reminder calls so that those students can enter school and begin their day.


COVID-19 Decision Protocols for Isolation and Quarantine

PPS determines when close contacts have to quarantine based on criteria provided by the Princeton Health Department, CDC and NJ State guidelines.

Vaccination status is one component. Social/physical distancing will be increased to six feet (from three feet) when our local community is at risk of high transmissibility (based on recommendations by the Princeton Health Department).

  • During these periods, the Princeton Health Department will consider students who are less than six feet way for more than 15 minutes (cumulative) to be close contacts.
  • The number of days that COVID-19 positive students are required to isolate can also fluctuate (increasing from 10 to 14) depending on what is happening in the local community. When the risk of transmissibility is high, students required to quarantine will be in quarantine for ten days (up from seven days).
  • Students who must quarantine or isolate are able to participate in remote learning within two days of being identified as a close contact.
  • Students who are vaccinated and identified as close contacts do not need to quarantine unless their COVID test is positive.


Restricted Use of Lockers as a Mitigation Strategy

Restrictions on the use of certain areas of schools is part of the PPS mitigation strategy. For instance, lockers at the middle school are not being used at this time. This reduces the likelihood of transmission. It also prevents large groups of students from being quarantined. Not all PMS students are eligible for the vaccination and hence would be required to quarantine if identified as a close contact.

  • We do understand the inconvenience of students having to carry their materials.
  • However, because of the physical layout of the lockers, students in the same grade would be defined as “close contacts” which could potentially significantly increase the number of middle school students in quarantine.


Outdoor Lunch

PPS has been encouraging all classes to eat outdoors, especially at the elementary level, while the weather is still nice. There have been recent changes that make this process easier.

  • Nutri-Serve (our food service provider) has switched, at our request, to a more limited “grab and go” option (bagel bag or bagged “hot” lunch).
  • Selections will be further limited to items that are easy to eat if a student is seated outside on a beach towel.


Extra Help with Lunches

All school principals have received volunteer application packets which they may share with potential volunteers. Any adult who comes into contact with students must comply with certain screening and security rules.

  • If needed, principals will select individuals who can consistently be available.
  • Principals will determine the way in which the school needs support. 

We appreciate parents who have been providing material such as beach towels and blankets that enable students to eat outside on the grass.


Student and Staff COVID-19 Screening and Testing

As a preventative measure, PPS is partnering with Medicat to provide twice a week PCR screening testing to any staff member who is unvaccinated. This procedure starts on October 5. Currently, all staff have been uploading documentation of their vaccination status via a secure portal. This enables us to establish testing schedules for eligible staff.

PPS is also partnering with the NJ Department of Health and will implement a school screening testing program for students who are unvaccinated. Additional details are forthcoming.


Mask Reminders

  • All parents must wear masks while on school property. If you arrive at school on foot, please remember to keep your mask on during drop off and pick up.
  • For parents arriving in vehicles, please make sure you have your mask on if you get out of your car.
  • Please remember to send extra masks to school with your child. After children eat or play, their masks sometimes get soiled.
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