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There is some exciting news from Riverside: The Riverside Sensory Path is now ready for students! The response so far has been amazing and students and teachers are expressing gratitude to Lynn Spirko, Ashley Kennedy, Alison Unkert and the entire group that worked together to make it happen.

Not everyone is familiar with sensory paths. They are colorful, creative and playful ways for students to build sensory pathways, including connections in the brain that are responsible for sight, touch and sound, which enable students to complete complex, multi-stage tasks. The creation of the Riverside Sensory Path was a group effort by staff members and volunteers. It's the first and two Sensory Paths that will be funded by HIPP grants.

To see how sensory paths work check out this video

"Our team has worked for months to bring this to Riverside," says Lynn Spirko, pre-kindergarten disabilities teacher.  "We sincerely hope that everyone finds value in this new tool."

Mrs. Spirko will be sharing information with teachers about how to use the Sensory Path with their classes. In the meantime, P.E. teacher Alison Unkert has introduced the Riverside Sensory Path to students in gym classes. They are loving it!

Thank you all who made this possible including Lynn Spirko, Ashley Kennedy, Alison Unkert, Kiki Meehan, Marybeth Bardachino, Kathy Yeh, Mark Shelley, Theresa Cutaneo, Meredith DiSciasci, Janet Walder, Jill Walsh and Dillon Unkert.

Teacher cleaning the sensory path
The river side sensory path


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