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Princeton Public Schools is aware that there is information circulating about the alleged elimination of accelerated math courses and calculus classes at Princeton High School. Please be advised that there is no truth to these rumors and that administrators at Princeton Public Schools are making no such recommendations. No one within the district has advocated for the elimination of any upper-level math courses. If you read anything contrary on social media platforms, please be cautious. False information is circulating on social media sites. The program of studies for Mathematics can be found here.  PHS also offers opportunities for qualified students to take courses at Princeton University, see page 30. 

PHS Mathematics for 2022-2023

Algebra I
Grades 9-12
Prerequisites: Successful completion of a pre-algebra course or an 8th grade math course.

Algebra 1 Plus
Grades 9-10

Geometry 1
Grades 9-12
Prerequisites: Successful completion of Algebra I. Students with a C- or below in Algebra I are recommended to be enrolled in Geometry Plus.

Geometry 1 Accelerated
Grades 9-12
Prerequisites: An A in middle school Algebra I or high school Algebra I, or B or above in Grade 8 Accelerated Algebra II (PMS Only).

Geometry 1 Plus
Grades 9-12

Algebra II Elements
Grades 9-12
Prerequisite: A passing grade in Geometry I.

Algebra II
Grades 9-12
Prerequisites: A passing grade in Geometry or Geometry Accelerated.

Algebra II Accelerated
Grades 9-12
Prerequisites: A in both Algebra I and Geometry, or a B or above in Geometry Accelerated.

Algebra II Plus
Grades 9-12

Applications and Modeling of Math
Grades 11-12
Prerequisites: A passing grade in Algebra II or Algebra II Elements.

Grades 9-12
Prerequisites: A passing grade in Geometry, Geometry Accelerated, Algebra II, or Algebra II Accelerated.

Pre-Calculus Accelerated
Grades 9-12
Prerequisites: B or above in algebra II Accelerated, or A in algebra II and B or above in Geometry Accelerated, or A in Geometry.

Pre-Calculus Plus
Grades 9-12

Grades 9-12
Prerequisites: Successful completion of Pre-Calculus.

AP Calculus AB
Grades 9-12
Prerequisites: A in Pre-Calculus, or C+ or above in Pre-Calculus Accelerated.

AP Calculus BC
Grades 9-12
Prerequisites: Pre-Calculus Accelerated or AP

Multivariable Calculus and Linear Algebra
Grades 9-12
Prerequisites: B or above in AP Calculus BC

Introduction to Statistics, Data Analysis and Probability
Grades 11-12
Prerequisites: C or above in Algebra II.

AP Statistics
Grades 11-12
Prerequisites: B or above in Algebra II.

Discrete Mathematics
Grades 11-12
Prerequisites: C or above in Algebra II.

High School Program at Princeton University

Rising junior and senior students may apply for courses in mathematics, biology, physics, chemistry, world languages, computer science and music (when special talent can be demonstrated). Students must have exhausted all the courses the high school has to offer in the subject that they are applying to take a course in at Princeton University. For the 2022-2023 school year, 18 PHS math students have been accepted into the High School Program at Princeton University. Please see page 30 of the Princeton High School Program of Studies.

Q & A

Did PPS consider changing the math curriculum so that all students would be taught the same content?
No, PPS never considered this. The Math Department's goal remains to support all students based on ability and aptitude.  

Is there a proposal or plan to change the Princeton High School math curriculum so that it ends with precalculus?
No. There was never a proposal or discussion to end PHS math with precalculus. Please see the PHS Course of Studies to see math courses offered.

Will PPS consider eliminating calculus courses?
No, this was never proposed nor was it ever under consideration.

Are there plans to eliminate AP Calculus AB? Or AP Calculus BC? Or Multivariable Calculus Accelerated? 

Did PPS ever consider making it more difficult for students to enroll in these courses?

Does the Princeton Board of Education support reduced opportunities to take calculus at Princeton High School?

How many students take upper-level math courses at PHS? Will this change?
About 23% of the 1,549 students at PHS take upper-level math courses. If advanced courses are accessible to more students, the percentage could increase.

How many students took calculus at PHduring the 2021-2022 school year?
Calculus: 131 students
AP Calculus AB: 73 students
AP Calculus BC: 105 students
Multivariable Calculus Accelerated: 52 students

Will PPS continue to offer accelerated and AP math courses?

Do PPS administrators embrace a national movement in favor of removing opportunities to take accelerated and advanced math courses? 
Absolutely not. The district would like more students to have the opportunity to take accelerated and advanced math courses.

Does PPS want to eliminate opportunities for accelerated and advanced instruction?

What is the process for instituting new or modified curriculum?
Princeton Board of Education policies (specifically 2200 Curriculum Content and 2220 Adoption of Courses) require that the Board of Education approve any changes to curriculum.

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