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The Board of Education recently approved two new policies to support sustainable actions across the district.

  • The first is a revised Sustainability Policy that directs the district to “contribute and oversee the district's sustainability initiatives, including but not limited to energy-efficient practices, renewable energy sourcing, waste management, sustainable business practices, and education and training programs for students, staff and the community.”
  • This policy lists several key target areas for this work, ensures that the monthly Operations Committee considers sustainability in its meetings, and requests a sustainability report to the Board at least annually.
  • The Policy Committee designed this Sustainability Policy as an umbrella for future policies that further define one of the identified target areas. The first sub-policy to be enacted this year is a Safe Routes to School policy. This policy notes the Board's support for “active transportation, including walking and bicycling, to and from school, as long as students live within walking distance and there are adequate facilities.”
  • It defines Safe Routes to School programs, walking school buses, bicycle trains, and other similar activities, including the roles of the Board, Schools, Parents/Guardians, and Students in these activities.

Over the next year, stay tuned for more sustainable sub-policies.

The district and the Policy Committee expect to consider other policies addressing the District’s cleaning practices, anti-idling efforts, purchasing procedures, chemical management, and more. The Policy Committee meets monthly, and the public is welcome. Find upcoming meetings here.

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