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As the weather gets colder, PPS will bring all students inside for lunch and snacks. Safety protocols will be in place, indoor time will be brief, students will sit a minimum of six feet apart, and masks will only be removed during the actual eating time. The district will continue to monitor fresh air flow, air exchange, and overall indoor air quality in cafeterias. PPS recently installed HEPA-quality air purifiers in all cafeterias. These air purifiers provide enhanced air filtration.

Beginning Wednesday, December 1, eating inside (and following all appropriate safety protocols) will be the default option. However, for families who prefer to have their students eat outside, there is the option to "opt out of eating in." If you would prefer your student eat outside during the winter, please sign up HERE.

PPS will follow Weather Watch guidelines to determine if outdoor eating is possible.

There will be an Indoor Lunch Cohort and an Outdoor Lunch Cohort. For the outdoor cohort, after Dec. 1 students will be allowed to eat outside as long as the wind chill reading is at or above 30 degrees ("Condition Green" on the accompanying Wind-Chill Factor Chart). If there is precipitation (rain, snow, sleet), PPS will also keep students inside.

Students cannot make on-the-spot decisions. They will need to stick with their chosen cohort to facilitate contact tracing. School principals will follow the 30-degree wind chill guideline and will have the right to determine when all students need to eat inside based on weather conditions.

Eating outside under a tent may not be an option after November 30. 

If your student plans to eat lunch outside, please make sure they dress accordingly. 

Would you like to volunteer to supervise outdoor eaters? Check with your principal, who may be looking for parents to supplement lunch supervision staff. 

screen shot of weather chart
screen shot of weather chart
Flyer for Opt Out of Eating In
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