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Photo of September Plan cover

Princeton Public Schools shared its plans for September with the public at the June Board of Education meeting. The plan will continue to be updated throughout the summer. To read the full plan, click here.

In preparation for September, PPS has prepared three plans.

Plan A assumes that the pandemic is under control and that all or nearly all students and staff members will return to in-person school. The plan addresses the needs for in-person school for most and, for a possible small number of students and staff members, the need for remote schooling.

Plan B assumes that the pandemic, though mostly under control, may surge for short periods of time, requiring individual classes or schools or the entire district to shut down for between one or two days and for up to two weeks. The plan addresses the needs for short-term remote schooling for identified populations and continuation of remote schooling for those already engaged in that mode.

Plan C assumes that the pandemic has surged out of control for what may be a longer period of time, necessitating a complete shutdown of the district for more than two weeks. The plan addresses the need for remote school that may extend beyond two weeks.

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Photo of September Plan cover



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