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Learning with LiLLiPiES: A Virtual Baking Class for the Family and a PEF Fundraiser

Want to learn to bake like a pro? We’re partnering with LiLLiPiES for an exciting LIVE event where founder and baker, Jen Carson shows you how to make her version of “pop-tarts” and how to convert the recipe to make her signature LiLLiPiE at home. Grab the family, bake virtually with your friends and have a Sunday afternoon you won’t soon forget. Tickets are $40 and benefit the Princeton Education Foundation (PEF), supporting education excellence in the Princeton Public Schools since 1995. You won’t want to miss it!

Sunday, January 24, 2021 at 3pm EST

Reserve Your Spot Today: Click here for more details

The Princeton Education Foundation exists to support the students in the Princeton Public Schools by ensuring they have access to exceptional facilities and a model curriculum. Princeton has long enjoyed a reputation for high quality education and PEF aims to continue to play a role in distinguishing our schools as the top performing in the state and nation. Our vision is to enhance student learning and arm our students with the tools and self-confidence to reach their dreams.

Currently, the NJ state legislature strictly caps annual school budget increases at 2%. However, the budget must still cover state and federal mandated programs, and increases in energy and insurance costs (which have been growing at a rate far exceeding 2%). The Board of Education struggles annually to make difficult budget choices: maintaining programs, balancing funding, and retaining excellent teachers. In this environment, it is very difficult to add new programs and upgrade classroom technology – that is where the Education Foundation steps in!

The PEF Grant program serves as a catalyst to support and enhance school improvement programs that heighten learning opportunities for students in the Princeton Public Schools.