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We are developing plans for remote instruction should it become necessary to close our schools for an extended period of time. PPS uses Power School Learning as our platform for digital learning.

We encourage all parents to check to make sure they can access their child(ren)’s class websites. The website for Power School Learning is

Many parents have already logged into the Parent Parent and Power School Learning. These instructions are only for parents who haven't set up accounts.

Access to teacher websites is a two-part process. First, To you must have your Parent Portal account set-up. (Most parents have done this. Information with how to set-up this account was sent in the beginning of the year.) f you haven't set up your account, you can contact your child’s guidance counselor for the access ID code and password.

If you have your Parent Portal account set-up, you can set up your parent Power School Learning account. If you need to reset your password for PowerSchool Learning, please reach out to the technology assistant at your school. The district is working on a plan to assist families who may not have access to computers or internet service at home.


FAQ for Parent Portal and Power School Learning Accounts.

The Parent Portal allows parents to check their students’ grades, track their students’ attendance, and update their contact information.

Do I have to create a new Parent Portal account if I already have one? 

No.  You should only create a new Parent Portal account if you do not have one.  You should follow the directions and use the account access codes provided in the Parent Portal Information letter which you can obtain from the school secretary, registrar or Guidance Counselor. 

Do I have to create a Parent Portal account for each of my students? 

No.  You should only create one Parent Portal account.  Siblings can be added to an existing account by: 

  • obtaining the Access ID for the student that you want to add from the school secretary/counselor 

  • logging into your existing Parent Portal account 

  • selecting the Account Preferences option in the left menu bar 

  • selecting the Students tab from the top menu bar 

  • selecting the Add button in the top right corner and filling in the required information 

If you require assistance with adding a student to your Parent Portal account, please contact either Sandra Miller or Laurie Oneto at 806-4203. 

After I create a Parent Portal account when will I be able to access my PowerSchool Learning account? 

Your PowerSchool Learning account will be available for you to log into the day after you create you Parent Portal account. 

Can I access PowerSchool Learning without creating a Parent Portal account? 

No.  Your PowerSchool Learning account will not be created until the day after you create your Parent Portal account. 

How do I access the PowerSchool Learning site? 

The first time that you access the PowerSchool Learning site, you MUST log into your Parent Portal site and click on the PowerSchool Learning link in the left menu bar. 

What are my new PowerSchool Learning log in credentials? 

Your username will be the same as your Parent Portal username.  Your temporary password will be: 


You will be required to change the password upon initial log in to the system.  You may also bookmark the site and access it directly for subsequent uses. 

If I already have a PowerSchool Learning account can I continue to use the same log in credentials? 

Yes. Your PowerSchool Learning log in credentials from the previous school year will carry over. 

Who should I contact if I already have a PowerSchool Learning and need to reset my password? 

Please contact either Sandra Miller or Laurie Oneto at 806-4203 to have the password reset. 


Sample Letter with Instructions: Originally Sent to Families the First Week of School

Online access to student information is now possible through PowerSchool, a web-based information system. PowerSchool's powerful, easy-to-use communication tools will enable students, parents and educators to work together to improve student achievement through enhanced communication regarding academic progress. Access to real-time data on the web supports increased student responsibility for their own learning. 

The access ID and password below is to be used by the custodial parent(s) in the creation of their personal "single sign on" accounts. To successfully create a new "single sign on" account; one or more students must be associated during the account creation process. (Additional students may be associated after an account has 

been created.) Please note: The non-custodial parent will receive the same ID and password. To create their own individual/separate "single sign on" account, as well as, for online access to your child's information, you will need the following information: 

The website location is: 

Your confidential "Access ID" is: <<username>> 

Your confidential "Access password" is: <<password>> 

To create your account: 

1)Direct your web browser here.

2)   Click on "Create Account" to set up your account information and to link your account to each of your children within our school system. Please note: You will receive a similar letter to this one from EACH school in which you have a child enrolled. Therefore, you will need to enter EACH Access ID and Access password for EACH child. 

3) Keep in mind that with Internet access, you will be able to view school-related information about your child at any time. Please do not share your confidential ID or password in order to prevent others from accessing your child's information. Additionally, please remember that these accounts are meant for PARENT(S)/GUARDIAN(S) use ONLY. High school students will be receiving similar information about their OWN accounts during the school year. 



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