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Updated September 23, 2021

PPS welcomed students back to our school buildings on September 9 for in-person, five-day, full-day instruction. PPS will provide remote instruction to students who are required to isolate after a positive COVID-19 test or to quarantine after exposure to an individual who has tested positive.

In order to facilitate a smooth transition, teachers shall keep their Canvas pages updated daily with assignments and other relevant information so that, if students have to quarantine (or are absent for other reasons), the students will have information and materials readily available for their learning. As well, having this information available to quarantined students will provide our district with time to put in place other instructional arrangements for such students.

Quarantined students are those who:

  • Test positive for covid; these student will isolate.
  • Are identified as close contacts of someone who has tested positive.
  • Are symptomatic and awaiting results of a covid test.
  • Are siblings of symptomatic students who are excluded from school, pending a negative covid test.

For up to three days, teachers shall send home all classroom work and assignments (either via electronic transmission or via parent or sibling pick-up).

Beginning on or before the fourth day, teachers shall provide electronic access to their classrooms, typically via OWL streaming devices.

Principals shall inform parents that teachers will continue to teach to the children in front of them; teachers will not attend directly to the screen.

Students receiving instruction remotely will “view in”; they will not see the "gallery view" or have direct access as they did during 2020-21. They will not have access to the Chat function.

At some time subsequent to their lessons but preferably during the same day, teachers will reach out directly to remotely-schooled students to answer any questions they may have.

Non-Quarantined Students

Students who are absent for reasons unrelated to COVID or who are absent because of having traveled without consideration of district-calendar guidelines shall be ineligible for remote-schooling arrangements. As during pre-COVID times, students who are absent for:

  • Short-term periods of fewer than 11 days shall receive from their teachers all classroom work and assignments (either via electronic transmission or via parent or sibling pick-up).
  • Long-term periods exceeding ten days shall be eligible for home-instruction accommodations according to district policy and regulations.. 


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