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photo of cp artwork Lara

When Community Park art teacher Lara Sawers challenged her students to participate in the global movement known as #museumathome and #betweenartandquarantine, she wasn’t really sure what she would get given that her students are in second to fifth grades. She encouraged students to recreate famous art works and re-interpret them creatively and then take a photo to pair with the original artwork. Clever pairings began flooding into Ms. Sawers inbox. The results surpassed all expectations. 

Ms. Sawers said the idea stemmed from a Dutch Instagram account and became a social media movement when the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles amplified the challenge. The concept is simple: Choose a work of art and find three things in your home to recreate it. Ms. Sawers adapted this for her students. She asked them to choose a work of art and figure out a way to recreate it while paying attention to colors, shapes and subjects.

Ms. Sawers credits the creativity of her Community Park students, their appreciation of art ,and their level of visual sophistication with the success of the projects. The most important part, she says, is that “students are engaging in a meaningful activity, learning about iconic works of art, and having fun during such unprecedented times."

Here are some of the impressive results.                          ----Chloe Orr                                               

Photo of CP artwork 1
photo of cp artwork 12
photo of cp artwork 11
photo of cp artwork 10
Photo of CP artwork 9
photo of cp artwork 8


photo of cp artwork 7
Photo of CP artwork 6
Photo of CP artwork 5
Photo of CP artwork 4
Photo of CP artwork 3
Photo of CP artwork 2
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