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As part of a presentation to the Board of Education on October 18, Princeton Public Schools administrators said that recently released standardized testing data indicated that PPS students continued to outperform state averages by substantial margins.

School districts in New Jersey typically release standardized testing results in the fall as soon as the numbers become available from the New Jersey Department of Education.

To watch the presentation to the Board of Education, please click here. To read the full report, please click here.

Science Supervisor Dr. Joy Barnes-Johnson, English Language Supervisor Keisha Smith-Carrington, World Languages Supervisor Priscilla Russel, Director of Student Services Micki Crisafulli, Mathematics and Business Education Supervisor Stephenie Tidwell, and Sarah Moore, Supervisor of Elementary Education, all presented specific portions of the results.

Across the board, supervisors and administrators said they were pleased that PPS students scored well on the standardized tests. "Thekey take-away here is that we had very few elementary students who did not meet or surpass expectations," said Ms. Moore. "There is much to celebrate here."

Dr. Tew noted that there were certain pockets and grade levels that the district was "watching," including some data from third graders and some middle school scores but that for the most part the results were strong, particularly after 18 months of virtual and/or hybrid learning. 

The 80-slide presentation included the most recent scores from SAT and ACT testing for college-bound students, as well as AP test results. Also included were the most recent NJSLA science scores, math scores, English Language Learner ACCESS scores, and information about students with Individual Education Programs (IEP) and 504 accommodations.

“We have a great deal of new information and this is the very first time the public has had the opportunity to look at the current numbers,” said Dr. Tew. “This is an opportunity for parents and community members to take a deep dive into actual current data.”

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