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Dear students, staff, and families:

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a truly enjoyable and restful spring break.

We are continuing to move forward with our implementation of the projects associated with our facilities referendum, and I want to provide you with some key information about our approach to those projects. 

First, the projects are all grounded in our commitment to wellness. From HVAC and security improvements across all schools to renovations at PHS that include spaces for counseling, dining, and athletics, we are dedicated to enhancing the physical and emotional wellness of all of our students. Research shows that educational outcomes are strengthened when students and teachers are in comfortable, safe and welcoming classrooms and spaces. You can see a list here of all of our referendum projects, including expanded space for learning at JW and PHS.  

Second, we are committed to doing the projects right. The Board and I recognize that we are not only stewards of the public's money but also stewards of the public's trust. We have hired an experienced construction management firm to represent us and to work closely with our architects, engineers, district staff and stakeholders in making decisions about the design, the materials, and the construction timeline for each project.  We will also continue to consult with community experts willing to assist with the various projects.  You can find the current construction timeline for the projects here.  The implementation will extend over two years and will begin this summer with security enhancements at all four elementary schools, the installation of HVAC at Riverside and in the gym at PHS, and with the creation of a new dining distribution area on the main floor of the high school. 

Finally, we are committed to clear, consistent and transparent communication about the implementation of the referendum projects.  We will soon be launching a new webpage devoted to the referendum implementation where you can find regularly updated information about the progress of each project at each school.  I will send you that link as soon as the webpage is live.  We will also be holding periodic public forums to share with the full community information about progress and next steps.  In addition, stakeholder groups at each school will include parents and staff to ensure that we have input from our school communities.  And, of course, everyone is invited to attend meetings of the Facilities Committee and full Board at which the referendum projects will be discussed in detail. 

Thank you for your continued interest in the physical improvements to our schools and in the ways those physical improvements can enhance the quality of life and learning for our students.  Should you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know. 


Steve Cochrane
Princeton Public Schools 

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