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Princeton Public Schools announced today that the New Jersey Department of Education, Division of Early Childhood Education has approved the District’s Preschool Education Expansion Aid application. The approval will result in $770,939 in additional aid and an exciting opportunity to expand services for the District’s youngest learners. 

With this funding the District will be able to offer, free of charge, a new dual language immersion preschool class at Community Park School as well as a new class in partnership with the YWCA. The District will also continue to offer preschool classes at Johnson Park and Riverside.

“Free public preschool is widely recognized as an important path towards closing the achievement gap,” said Superintendent Steve Cochrane. “This is an exciting opportunity for the Princeton Public Schools, and for our entire community. We look forward to opening our new classrooms on the first of October.” 

Princeton Public Schools currently has two preschool classrooms for general education students located at Riverside and Johnson Park School.

Beginning October 1, with the addition of the Preschool Expansion Aid, the District preschool program will increase to four classrooms. A mixed-aged dual language immersion class will open at Community Park School where students will learn in both Spanish and English. 

“This Spanish-language immersion class at Community Park supports our goal towards bilingualism for all students who enroll in the immersion program,” said Mr. Cochrane. 

The District is also opening a program for three-year-olds at the YWCA. “We strive to offer a mixed-delivery program to serve all the families of Princeton. Our partnership with the YWCA enables us to offer more programming that supports families,” said Valerie Ulrich, Coordinator of Special Programs at Princeton Public Schools. 

In recent years the New Jersey Department of Education has emphasized the need for universal preschool for all New Jersey students. The FY20 State budget provides $806 million in preschool education aide. That includes a $68 million increase for preschool programs with $20 million for expansion of high-quality preschool. 

“When we learned of Princeton’s eligibility to apply for additional funding, we started mapping out our expanded program right away. It’s been a team effort since the winter and I’m so pleased that our district has been selected for funding,” said Ms. Ulrich. 

More information about preschool openings is available on the Princeton Public Schools website or by calling 609-806-4203.


Princeton Public Schools is pleased to announce

Free Public Preschool 

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Programs Include:

4-Year-Old classes at Riverside and Johnson Park Schools

Mixed-age Dual Language Immersion class at Community Park

3-Year-Old class at the Princeton YWCA


Preschool Program Information Sessions

September 25, 2019  9:30-11:30

Princeton YWCA Open House

59 Paul Robeson Place


Can’t make an information session?  Contact Valerie Ulrich, Coordinator of Special Programs for more information

609-806-4203 ext. 2044  Or Visit our website:

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