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Photo of Dr. Foster and volunteers at Mobile Food Pantry

Students and members of all three PPS unions—teachers, administrators and support staff—turned out in force this week to work at the Princeton Mobile Food Pantry (PMFP), packing 576 bags of food for underserved members of the community and donating a total of $1,430 for purchases of chicken, milk, eggs, carrots, bananas, and potatoes. 

"We were thrilled to be able to participate," said Acting Superintendent Kathie Foster, who was one of the volunteers. "It’s a phenomenal program and I look forward to our continued partnership."

Volunteers included PRESSA union members Valerie Henry, Olive Giles, and Danella Vecchio. "We put the 'support' in Support Staff for our students and families," said Ms. Giles, secretary for the Child Study Team and Guidance Department at Princeton High School. 

Rick Miller, a social studies teacher at Princeton High School, and students from the PHS Food Aid Group were also among the many volunteers, as was Jen Bigioni, Educational Media Specialist at the high school. Both Mr. Miller and Ms. Bigioni are members of PREA, the teachers' union.

"The pantry is an incredibly organized, energizing undertaking," Ms. Bigioni said. "It's easy to learn what you need to do, and all help is truly appreciated.  As the saying goes, many hands make light work, so we were able to do in about an hour what often takes two. It's also wonderful being able to so directly help the community we already serve in other ways."

PMFP helps the 7 percent of the Princeton population who are food insecure. According to data compiled by the pantry, the number of families requiring help is increasing each week. 

The pantry provides bi-weekly deliveries of fresh, culturally relevant proteins, fruits, and vegetables purchased from its partner, McCaffrey’s Markets, and obtained via coordinated donations from partner organizations. It is a 100 percent volunteer-led organization. Volunteers pack the items at Princeton Shopping Center and deliver them directly to neighbors in need.

The pantry has operated since 2010 and became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in November 2020. In 2017, a partnership with Mercer Street Friends Food Bank was established, offering a weekly pickup for over 300 people at the Henry Pannell Learning Center. During COVID-19, the pantry became independent and mobile, changed its name to the Princeton Mobile Food Pantry, and shifted to biweekly deliveries of fresh groceries and other essentials. it supports its neighbors through various networks and collaboration with community partners. To volunteer or obtain more information, please email PMFP at

Photo of Dr. Foster and volunteers at Mobile Food Pantry
Photo of PPS staff members who volunteered at Mobile Food Pantry
photo of volunteers working at Mobile Food Pantry
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