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Photo of Strategic Planning Committee

PPS would like to thank the many parents, community members, and educators who participated in the first round of strategic planning this week. Ultimately, the strategic plan will facilitate the building of a stronger school system for the benefit of students, staff, and the Princeton community. The plan is slated for completion by August 2022. 

More than 50 stakeholders participated in all-day sessions of the Core Planning Team on Tuesday and Wednesday. The work included analysis of data provided by the recent surveys of students, parents and community members. The team also looked at PPS standardized testing scores and absenteeism data in addition to many other data points. The Core Planning Team will lead the way in setting the direction for the PPS Strategic Plan, and will integrate the feedback and perspectives of other teams that are also involved in the planning. The Core Planning Team will meet five times between now and May 19, including the two full-day sessions that occurred this week. 

Meanwhile, the Alignment Team, comprised primarily of community leaders and Board of Education members, met Tuesday evening. 

On Thursday, the 20 members of the Instructional Planning Team had a full-day session which incorporated and expanded on work done by the Core Planning Team earlier in the week. 

A team of experienced facilitators from Performance Fact, Inc. is overseeing the strategic planning process. 

The PPS Strategic Plan acts as a roadmap for the school system. Its primary aim is to align all stakeholders on a shared vision, common goals, and unified direction for the district’s educational efforts. Community-wide involvement is vital to the strategic planning process. A wide cross-section of community members, educators, and parents and have participated in the initial days of the planning.

Photo of Core Planning Team

The Core Planning Team, above, met Tuesday and Wednesday for two all-day Strategic Planning sessions. 

Photo of Strategic Planning Committee

The Instructional Planning Team met Thursday at an off-site location for a full-day Strategic Planning session.



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