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Dear Community Member,

As we look ahead to planning for the fall and reopening our schools, the top priority of the Princeton Public Schools is to assure that all students and staff are safe and healthy. While there is still much “in progress” in order to meet that goal, one thing that we are projecting is that we may need to partner with our community members in order to help make this happen.

To this end, I would invite you to consider becoming a Board of Education approved volunteer where you can help be a part of the solution during these difficult times. If you would consider this, I know that an obvious question would be “What is it exactly that I am volunteering to do?” The answer to that question is not easy as the COVID-19 situation we all find ourselves in seems to change from week to week.  However, there may be circumstances under which we need help with keeping students socially distant, entering the schools upon arrival, or things that we have not even thought of as of yet.

We live and work in a wonderful community. The Princeton Public Schools recognize the enormous amount of talent and care that our community members have for each other and the school system. It is why we are reaching out to you to potentially become a volunteer for the fall.

September will be here sooner than we think! Therefore, if you are interested in becoming a volunteer in some capacity, please fill out this survey.

In order to become a Board approved volunteer, there is some paperwork that you need to complete.  Included in the volunteer packet are directions for fingerprinting and a criminal history background check, which does involve some fees and may take a couple of weeks to process. If you would like to have an volunteer application packet emailed to you that includes all necessary paperwork and explains the fees, please email

Please be aware that in our commitment to you and our students, anyone who volunteers for us and requests that they be reimbursed for the costs of fingerprinting and their criminal history background check will be reimbursed through our Business office, sometime towards the end of October. The Business office will be working on a process as to how this can efficiently happen and we will publicize this to you once known.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer and cannot wait for a reimbursement of costs, please let us know that in our survey.

Additionally, there are also a few online training modules that are required which will only be set up a few days after you complete this survey. 

For general questions please contact Diana McClan, Secretary to Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources, at (609) 806-4207 x 3 or a .

Thank you for your consideration!

Michael J. Volpe​
Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources



Volunteer Packet

To request a Volunteer Packet, which includes details about fingerprinting and a background check, please email


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