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The school year is progressing well, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. The district's youngest learners--who are in need of the most guidance from teachers and staff--have been attending school in person for two weeks. 

Students in Princeton High School are the next to return to school for the first time since March They have been separated into groups, known as cohorts, and will follow a hybrid model, alternating in-school days with remote learning. The first group, Cohort B, will return to the classroom on Monday, October 19.

Middle school students, who had also been slated to return to their building on October 19, have had their return date pushed back a week, until October 26, to allow time for completion of construction and cleaning projects within the school building. The decision to delay is part of the district's commitment to putting safety first. 

"Our top priority continues to be the safety of our staff and students," said Superitendent Barry Galasso. "Taking the time to make sure that the building meets our standards for cleanliness and ventilation is more important than ever. We know that the schedule change presents challenges for our parents, our staff and our students."

As part of keeping everyone safe, parents of all students—even during remote learning days—are required to fill out a Covid screening form every weekday morning before 7:30 a.m. The form is accessible through the district's online parent portal. The data yielded by this practice is essential to monitoring the situations in each school.

The district continues its efforts to make remote learning as efficient and effective as possible. Its measures include providing every student with a grade-level-appropriate device—tablet or laptop—pre-loaded with essential software. Distribution of these devices is underway; nearly 1,000 have been distributed to date and the remainder are expected to be in students' hands during the week of October 19.

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