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In the last year PPS schools have had the opportunity to celebrate the cultural diversity within our community with a wide variety of events and celebrations, ranging from Hispanic/LatinX Heritage Month to Black History Month to Asian American Heritage Month.

To expand upon these celebrations, we would like to provide a platform for diverse members of our community to share their voices and perspectives for future calendar spotlights. This is an opportunity for increased awareness of cultural diversity within our community. 

We invite PPS students and families to share suggestions for cultural events and celebrations not immediately addressed within our messaging about curriculum. 

Here is a short list of some of the cultural spotlights. This list is in no way intended to be comprehensive. It is an invitation to explore as a stakeholder of the community options for monthly themes (as opposed to individual holidays or observances). We invite you to email with suggestions.

Monthly Spotlight

Sept 15-Oct 15 Hispanic Latino/x Heritage Month
October 1-31 Bullying Prevention
November  Indigenous Peoples
December Winter**
January Wellness Goals **
February African American/Black History
March Women's History
April Holocaust Awareness & April 22, Earth Day
May AAPI/APIDA Heritage

**Suggestions to separate from purely religious observances



U.S. Global Holidays and Celebrations
Diversity resources 

Additional Information

Hispanic/Latino Heritage Month (Archives) since 1968/1988

Bullying Prevention (NEA+) since 2006

Indigenous Peoples Month (Senate) since 1990

Black History Month (Woodson) since 1915/1976

Women's History Month (link) since 1980/1987

Asian American Heritage Month (link) since 1977

PRIDE/LGBT+ Awareness (link) since 1970 (anniversary of Stonewall)

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