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Students at Community Park School participated in a Mix It Up at Lunch Day, a concept launched by the Teaching Tolerance project, which encourages students to sit with someone new in the cafeteria. 

Cafeterias are the focus of Mix It Up because the cafeteria is a great place to start breaking barriers and show students how to meet new people, find common ground, and learn new social skills. The event was organized by Liz Marmo, Community Park School Psychologist, and Liz Cameron, Community Park Guidance Counselor. Adults circulated to help encourage positive social interactions, making new connections and making new friends. "We had music playing and there were conversation starters on all the tables," says Ms. Marmo.

To add to the fun of Mix It Up at Lunch Day students and staff were encouraged to "mix it up" by wear mis-matched outfits, wacky hair styles, and silly socks. Students also participated in Start With Hello, which encourages kindness. Students stood in formation to spell out the words "Be Kind."

CP students form the words Be Kind
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