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Photo of PPS COVID-19 slide

Health procedures at PPS schools are different this year than in previous years. The district worked with a team of medical professionals to develop protocols to keep students and staff as safe as possible. A new video with Dr. Robert Helmrich, Dr. Shilpa Pai, Princeton Health Officer Jeff Grosser, Public Health Nurse Supervisor Kathy Korwin, and PPS nurses Liz Dyevich and Lisa Goldsmith explains the thinking behind the new procedures and what is involved.

Here are the basics: All students and staff are required to wear masks in all PPS schools. Physical distancing of at least six feet from the nearest person is now the norm. Every student will have their temperature taken before they enter a school. Each morning before school starts, staff and students will fill out a form detailing whether they have a cough, headache or fever. The Princeton Health Department will coordinate contact tracing if necessary.

To view the full video with details of health protocols click here.


photo of flowchart for handling COVID
Photo of PPS COVID-19 slide
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