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On Saturday, Michelle Seelenfreund a third-grade teacher at Littlebrook, visited Penn Medicine Princeton Health to donate 90 lunches to the staff. The Littlebrook community joined together and raised over $1,000 to buy the boxed lunches from D'Angelos, a local Italian food store that provides groceries, cheese, and prepared foods. The boxed lunches included a sandwich, fruit, chips, cookie and a bottle of water.

 "I wanted to try and organize something with the amazing community of staff members at Littlebrook School because we can do so much more when we work together," said Ms. Seelenfrend. "I always talk to my students about teamwork and how 'together` everyone-achieves-more' so I wanted to put this into action."

"I have been in awe of the healthcare workers who are on the frontlines of this crises so I thought donating meals to them at this time would be a great support, " she added. "I also wanted to support a local Princeton business as I know many small businesses are suffering."

Ms. Seelenfreund said that school social worker Sara Leta "had the wonderful idea to include our Littlebrook students in this project by having them create artwork to donate along with our food." PTO members and Littlebrook parents Corrine Brennan and Lori Pesnell helped set up boxes so families could drop off cards and artwork. 

"It was truly a labor of love that included our LB staff, parents and students," said Ms. Seelenfreund.

Littlebrook students drew pictures and made cards for the staff members which were hung as decorations in the lobby. Since the staff members must wait in the lobby to be temperature tested to enter the hospital facility the pictures would be seen by everyone and spread some joy. 

PPS student letter to medical staff
Box of gifts for medical staff
Car full of food for medical staff
Thanks you messages from students to medical staff
Thanks you messages from students to medical staff
Thanks you messages from students to medical staff
LB staff dropping off food for medical workers
Medical workers enjoying a lunch
Medical worker with donated food
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