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Littlebrook School celebrated "Character Counts" week with a full roster of accomplished guests who shared how their jobs relate to the Six Pillars of Character.

Thank you to PPS PreK-8 Language Arts Supervisor Keisha Smith-Carrington for her talk about the importance of being trustworthy and honest. Princeton Mayor Liz Lempert was the special guest for fifth graders learning about citizenship. Officer Jenn Gering of the Princeton Police Department spoke about ways to show respect to peers, teachers, parents, authority figures and the environment. Tricia Baker, founder of Attitudes in Reverse, brought a highly trained therapy dog, Misha Silver Lining, and spoke about showing responsibility at home, at school, and in the community. And the Littlebrook PTO provided "Character Counts" shirts for every student.


Language Arts Supervisor Keisha Smith-Carrington speaks to Littlebrook students
Photo of Littlebrook students in Character Matters shirts
Princeton Mayor Liz Lempert speaking to Littlebrook students for Character Matters week
Princeton Police Officer Jennifer Gerring speaking to Littlebrook students