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photo of Heritage Month bulletin board

At Princeton Middle School, the bulletin board is up and students are ready to kick-off Hispanic Heritage Month. Morning announcements include  "Did You Know" facts relating to Latino/X and Hispanic culture.

Also planned: A special themed lunch and then later in the month or in early October there will be an assembly with song, dancers and actors!

At Princeton High School, faculty and students of Hispanic/ LatinX heritage of been working since August planning activities and multiple ways of honoring Hispanic Heritage Month. Please stay tuned as we share information during the next 30 days.

Hispanic Heritage Month at Princeton High School

Updated Sept. 16, 2022

  • PHS students are hanging flags representing all the Latin American countries in different parts of the building. 
  • Inside the glass case by the Tower Entrance, some of our students from Latinos Unidos created a beautiful display. 
  • The Hispanic Heritage Month Team, led by Latinos Unidos, has planned for announcements over the PA system as well as the playing of music by Latine artists during passing time. 
  • There is going to be another door decorating contest. More information to come regarding themes, rules, rubrics, and prizes.
  • Faculty and students of Hispanic/ Latino/a/X heritage of been working since August planning activities and other ways of honoring Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 - October 15)
poster for Hispanic Heritage Month
photo of Heritage Month bulletin board


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