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Are you interested in learning about the benefits of eating a whole food diet? Here's a group (sponsored Suppers, one of PPS's community partners) that provides helpful nutritional information.

Helping Children Feel Their Best: Nutrition Based Therapeutics features Dr. Uma Pisharody, Pediatric Gastroenterologist and Advocate for Children’s Health.

Here is the link to the video on YouTube

Feel free to share this link with whomever you think may benefit from learning about the benefits of eating a whole food diet. We hope to see you at future programs of Eating For Your Health by Suppers.

Our Vision:

Provide a non-judgmental environment encouraging individuals to Eat for their Health

Our Mission:

  • Increase awareness of the importance and the benefits associated with cooking and eating whole foods for health
  • Provide meaningful support to encourage behavior change in order to prevent and reduce the impact of chronic disease
  • Design and deliver educational programs informed by robust science and research
  • Honoring inclusivity and belonging with a multicultural and inclusive approach to healthy eating


About Eating For Your Health

At Eating For Your Health we support people in changing the way they eat and transforming their relationship with food. We believe that every person and every body is unique and that no single approach to food is right for everyone; so we encourage participants to explore and experiment with food that reflects their taste, budget, background and culture. We emphasize the importance of eating single, whole fresh ingredients and avoiding processed foods whenever possible, but we do not advocate one single approach to food or way of eating.

photo of Eating for Your Health logo
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