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Felicia Spitz of Princeton Children's Fund (PCF) shared some happy news recently: The book clubs at the Princeton Public Library have attracted over 40 John Witherspoon and Princeton High School students.

The John Witherspoon book club began reading The Mortification of Fovea Munson and had a SKYPE visit from the author, Mary Winn Heider. 

"They were able to hear her thoughts about the story and learn where she found her inspiration. They also had the chance to ask her questions," explained Ms. Spitz. "The story is about a rising 8th grade girl whose parents own a cadaver lab… because middle school isn’t hard enough!"

The PHS club began reading American Born Chinese – a graphic novel that deals with issues of stereotyping, friendship, and cultural identity. The book provided a forum for a group discussion of microaggressions and stereotyping and how the students have experienced this in their lives. It gave students an opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions in a safe environment and opened the door for a discussion about productive ways to combat these types of interactions.

The summer reading book clubs are just one of the special opportunities made possible by collaboration between the district and community partners.

PPS Students at Princeton Public Library book club video chat with an author
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