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Screen shot of PPS Link login page

With just a short time before school begins, students are asking basic questions about how to prepare for Monday. 

One easy first step to get ready is to log on to PPS Link (you can type into any browser including Chrome or Safari or Firefox.) Until students have their district-assigned laptops, any computer will suffice.

Many students used PPS Link last year. However, if you are new to the district or new to the middle school or high school you may not have taken advantage of this short cut which provides access to all the essential platforms including Power School and Canvas.

What is PPS Link? It manages user names and passwords for district technology. Sign into your PPS Link and you will be see a dashboard with icons for Microsoft, Google, Power School, Canvas and many other accounts and apps.

Try this if you have never logged into PPS Link. Follow this link.  Then use your network login.  Your network login should be your first initial and last name.  Example:  John Smith = jsmith  Your password should have been set the first time you logged into a district computer.  If you do not know your password and cannot login please email Student Help Desk using The district has technology staff who are answering email at Student Help Desk. Screen shots are helpful.

Screen shot of PPS Link login page
screen shot of PPS Link landing page


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