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Princeton Public Schools is installing air conditioning in the high school gym, one of several major upgrades in the works this summer.

"We use the gym throughout the year, during and after school hours," explains Princeton High School Principal Jessica Baxter. "To have AC during the hot months when students are testing in the gym or when we use it for graduation or other large events will make a huge difference." In addition to physical education classes and sports events, the gym is used for AP and other testing as well as being used by community groups.

The district has been working to find energy-efficient, cost-effective procedures and materials that utilize recycled content. For instance, in the gym fabric ductwork will be used in addition to traditional metal ductwork. 

"For projects like this, fabric ductwork makes sense," says David Harding, Facilities Director for Princeton Public Schools. The ductwork features an antimicrobial application that helps prevent bacterial growth, and is also inherently flame retardant for safety, he explains. Another advantage is that it can help to reduce noise levels and it supplies cooling in a more efficient pattern. 

"We are pleased that so far this project is on schedule and on budget," says Mr. Harding. "Having a gym with air conditioning will give us flexibility in how we use that space and bring us one step closer to meeting our goals for improved facilities."

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