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Princeton Unified Middle School proudly presents “Brief Interviews with Internet Cats”

Celebrity interviewers have a dream line-up for tonight's episode of the World-Wide Window: a veritable litter full of felines whose internet antics have catapulted them to fame.  In this fast-paced series of hilarious interviews, the interviewers uncover the story behind Tuffy's first dramatic foray into a cardboard box, learns just what makes Nelson/Nellie the Grouchy Cat so very, very grouchy, contends with the diva-like antics of Kitty Boo-Boo and her entourage, and so much more.  Stay tuned!  Things are bound to get a little...hairy

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PSO Holiday POPS!

The Princeton High School Choir joins Princeton Symphony Orchestra for its annual Holiday Pops Concert.  This virtual concert is FREE and easily available by visiting the orchestra’s website.  There are 10 possible days/times to access the concert during the month of December.  Please be sure to visit the website and register for one of the viewings.

The concert will also include pianists Christina and Michelle Naughton, dancers from the American Repertory Ballet, and the Princeton Symphony Orchestra musicians led by Maestro Rossen Milanov.

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The racial literacy curriculum adopted this year for pupils in Princeton’s pre-kindergarten through first grade classes has a strong foundation in pedagogies developed to advance social justice, cultural responsiveness, and multiculturalism.

“All of these are predicated on the belief that any work that you do starts with yourself,” says Keisha Smith-Carrington, supervisor of humanities for grades pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. “The focus begins with understanding our identities, and understanding that each of us has multiple identities through which we experience the world. As part of that, we begin to understand and value others’ identities that are not like ours.

“By developing an appreciation for others, we begin to see the benefits of diversity,” she adds.

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Board of Education Highlights: TheTransparency Report
PPS Board of Education, November 17, 2020

Please note: This is an unofficial summary of actions taken and topics discussed during the public session of the Princeton Public Schools Board of Education on November 17, 2020, intended to provide timely information to our PPS community. This summary is notan official accounting of the meeting. Official minutes will be approved by the board at its next meeting. 

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If a member of a student's household has been diagnosed with COVID-19, or has been exposed to someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and is showing symptoms, the students should not attend school beginning as soon as the parent(s)/guardians become aware of the illness and exposure. All students in the home of an individual who is diagnosed with COVID-19 must quarantine based on the NJ Dept. of Health and CDC guidance listed below:

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October 23, 2020

Dear Staff and Parents,

A Princeton High School student had a positive test for the coronavirus on Friday and while the district waits for more information, and confirms whether others were affected, we would like our teachers and students to learn from home for the first two days of next week. There will be no in-person learning at Princeton High School on Monday or Tuesday.  All staff and students are asked to participate in remote learning. On Tuesday, the district will reassess the situation and announce the plan for Wednesday. PHS will have the remote start time of 9:25 on both Monday and Tuesday.

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The school year is progressing well, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. The district's youngest learners--who are in need of the most guidance from teachers and staff--have been attending school in person for two weeks. 

Students in Princeton High School are the next to return to school for the first time since March They have been separated into groups, known as cohorts, and will follow a hybrid model, alternating in-school days with remote learning. The first group, Cohort B, will return to the classroom on Monday, October 19.

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Princeton Public Schools has received 93 requests from staff to work from home because of concerns about the coronavirus. To date, PPS has granted "work from home" assignments for 20 staff members. An additional five teacher requests were approved but not utilized. In total, 25 "work from home" administrative home assignment have been approved as of October 13. PPS has also made a new form, Accommodation Reconsideration Medical Certification, available for staff members who request to work from home.

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We have made the decision today to suspend soccer practice for a week as a precaution because one of our ​PHS soccer players has been exposed to ​an individual with confirmed COVID-19. The student lives in a household where an individual tested positive for COVID. The decision to suspend soccer practices and games for a week affects 36 players on the boys​' soccer team as well as their coaches and athletic trainers. The coaches and athletic trainer will work from home for the next week as a precautionary measure.

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For those of you who have signed up for hybrid learning, we have some good news. Subject to approval by the Board of Education on Tuesday, we will begin our phased re-entry plan in October. As part of this plan, we will welcome back Pre-K, Kindergarten and Grade 1 students on Monday, October 5 at 8:30 AM. Bus transportation will be available. 

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Princeton Public Schools announced recently that it has entered into an agreement with two internet providers, Comcast and T-Mobile, to will provide approximately 200 Princeton families with unlimited wireless data in their homes for the school year.The companies are offering discounted internet service for qualifying families and PPS will cover this cost as a result of a generous grant from an anonymous donor.

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With just a short time before school begins, students are asking basic questions about how to prepare for Monday. Until all students have their district-assigned laptops, any computer will suffice. (If you do not have access to any computer, please email your building principal.)

One easy first step to prepare for Monday is to log on to PPS Link (you can type into any browser).

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Dear Parent:

We hope that you and your family are well and that, despite ongoing concerns over our current health emergency, you’ve been able to enjoy time with those special to you.  During a break from that time, we hope also that you’ll respond to our “Re-Entry Commitment Application” wherein we request information about which schooling model (hybrid or all-remote) you prefer for your child(ren), if you’ll take advantage of or waive your transportation privileges, and whether or not you’ll need childcare for your youngsters in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.  Having accurate data enhances our ability to plan effectively.

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Princeton Public Schools will open on September 14 with all students learning remotely. Your school principal will provide information about schedules and class placement. There will also be an update soon about the distribution dates for student devices.

Here is some information about technology:

PowerSchool and the Parent Portal

Though the district is moving away from PowerSchool Learning as the district LMS, we will still be using PowerSchool as our Student Information System (SIS). Parents can access the Parent Portal to see their children’s attendance and grades.

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After two public forums where Princeton Public Schools heard from a wide range of people including community members, students, alumni, and PPS staff, the Board of Education approved a name change for John Witherspoon Middle School. 

Going forward, it will be known as Princeton Unified Middle School (PUMS), an interim name that will be used until a permanent name can be chosen. The resolution passed by the Board requires a permanent name to be selected by June 30, 2021. The renaming process offers a unique learning opportunity for PPS students, and plans are underway for their participation.

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Plexiglass Dividers

The recently installed plexiglass dividers in the Princeton High School cafeteria came in handy Thursday morning when students arrived to take the scheduled math advancement test. Each cafeteria table now has plexiglass dividers and masked students sat one-per-table to take the examination. The district is installing plexiglass as needed in all six schools and the administration building on Valley Road.

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Princeton Public Schools has named Cecilia X. Birge Acting Assistant Principal at Princeton High School. Ms. Birge, a teacher of Special Education and Mathematics, has been the head coach for the PHS Speech & Debate Team at PHS since 2015. She has also been the assistant coach of the PHS Girls Volleyball Team and the coach of the Girls JV Volleyball Team. 

"We are very pleased that Cecilia Birge will be an assistant principal at Princeton High School," said Interim Superintendent Barry Galasso. "She is an outstanding teacher and accomplished educator." 

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Thank you to the more than 100 people who participated in the Thursday morning meeting about a possible name change for John Witherspoon Middle School. We heard the voices of many articulate community members, students and teachers. A particular note of thanks to Shirley Satterfield who, as always, provided helpful historical information and insightful comments.

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Princeton Public Schools recently approved two significant technology purchases, a one-to-one computer and tablet initiative and a new Learning Management System (LMS). A study of technology and implementation over the last few months revealed that both devices and delivery systems needed to be replaced. The cost for the new devices falls within the technology department's existing budget due to low-interest financing.

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Dear Community Member,

As we look ahead to planning for the fall and reopening our schools, the top priority of the Princeton Public Schools is to assure that all students and staff are safe and healthy.  While there is still much “in progress” in order to meet that goal, one thing that we are projecting is that we may need to partner with our community members in order to help make this happen.

To this end, I would invite you to consider becoming a Board of Education approved volunteer where you can help be a part of the solution during these difficult times.  If you would consider this, I know that an obvious question would be “What is it exactly that I am volunteering to do?”  The answer to that question is not easy as the COVID-19 situation we all find ourselves in seems to change from week to week.  However, there may be circumstances under which we need help with keeping students socially distant, entering the schools upon arrival, or things that we have not even thought of as of yet.

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Princeton Human Services is seeking donors for its annual backpack and school supplies drive. The drive benefits Princeton children who are low-income and in need of school supplies and new book bags.

For the past eleven years, the Princeton Human Services Commission, Princeton University, municipal employees, local businesses, organizations and residents have donated book bags and school supplies that have benefited many Princeton children. The items are distributed to children from low-income families who attend the Princeton Public Schools and are entering kindergarten through sixth grade.

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Princeton Public Schools recently announced two significant technology purchases, a one-to-one computer and tablet initiative and a new Learning Management System (LMS). A study of technology and implementation over the last few months revealed that both devices and delivery systems needed to be replaced. The cost for the new devices falls within the technology department's existing budget due to low-interest financing. 

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June 1, 2020

Here is an important message from Kristina Donovan, Supervisor of School Counseling:

Today is Mindful Monday.  Normally I send a Wellness Wednesday message, but this is too important to wait.

The events that have resulted in the death of many Black Americans in our country is not a new story.  The difference now is that we have cameras, video and unprecedented access to news and media. Black lives matter. It is not my right to speak for or on behalf of our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) community members, but it is my job to ensure there is a safe space for people to share their lived experiences. It is my job to listen.

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The Harry Potter book series

PHS faculty and staff members have come together to create The Harry Potter Project. After being inspired by the Littlebrook car parade from a few weeks ago, PHS School Psychologist David Rosenfeld decided that he wanted to organize a community event that involved the PHS faculty and staff for their students.

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On Saturday, Michelle Seelenfreund a third-grade teacher at Littlebrook, visited Penn Medicine Princeton Health to donate 90 lunches to the staff. The Littlebrook community joined together and raised over $1,000 to buy the boxed lunches from D'Angelos, a local Italian food store that provides groceries, cheese and prepared foods. The boxed lunches included a sandwich, fruit, chips, cookie and a bottle of water.

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