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April has been a good month for Community Park's efforts to be kind to Planet Earth. After spring break, plastic utensils in the cafeteria were swapped for actual silverware that can be washed and re-used. And straws are now only available as a special request. A huge thank you to the CP PTO for all their help with transitioning to the new system.

Meanwhile, students attended an assembly of The Illusion Maker, an entertainer who introduces and reinforces ways to be good to the planet. This year's event was based on the premise of a game show ("Super Survivor") and students were given age-appropriate questions to answer. Would you say that the three sustainable Rs would be: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle or Reduce, Reuse, Rhinoceros? Is it better to bring your lunch in a paper bag or a reusable bag? CP students rose to the occasion by answering all the questions correctly. The topics of electronic waste, stormwater and straws were also part of this assembly that was sponsored in part by the Municipality of Princeton.

The Illusion Maker interacts with younger students

New utensils in the CP cafeteria--no more plastic!

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