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Over the next two years, Princeton Public Schools will continue to use $26.9 million in referendum funds to implement health and safety upgrades to our schools. Here are some of the planned improvements at Community Park. These plans will be reviewed by the Board of Education and may change, as necessary, after bids for construction are received.

Doors: CP will have approximately 47 classroom and exterior doors replaced starting in the late spring or summer of 2020 to improve security.  Most of the work will be done over holidays and in the evenings. The new interior doors at Community Park will have improved locks. 

Security Vestibule: CP will have a new entrance/vestibule for enhanced safety and security. The work will be done in summer of 2020.

Air Conditioning: The district will be replacing and upgrading air conditioning in  approximately 30 CP classrooms during the summer of 2020.

Electrical Work: Initial electrical upgrades, including a new transformer, should be complete by summer 2020. The new transformer is necessary for the new air conditioning.

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