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Community Park fifth-grader Annie Flanagan placed first in the state in the National Archery for Schools Program in April. After traveling to Kentucky for the national competition, she was ranked 29th in the nation.

The National Archery in the Schools Programs (NASP) brings the sport of archery to millions of students in schools across the United States. Designed to teach international-style target archery in 4th-12 graders, the archery curriculum is aligned to National Physical Education Standards and can be run safely in a school gymnasium. Archery is a lifelong sport that circumvents traditional barriers to engage students of all genders, physical abilities and backgrounds.

In addition to Annie Flanagan, three other Community Park students qualified as National Archers. Congratulations to Harrison Knoch, Emma Li, Sejer Bischoff.

Three CP students traveled to the national tournament in Louisville, KY.  There were 14,946 archers present at this event, and the CP students finished with impressive rankings in the National Archers, Elementary Division: Annie Flanagan, 29th in the country; Sejer Bischoff 1,739th; Emma Li, 1,873rd. 

Closer to home, the CP archery team placed second in the state NASP State Archery Tournament. Community Park continues to have a strong archery program under the director of Physical Education teacher Michael Chorba who has an excellent record coaching CP students in both state and national archery competitions.


Congratulations to the following students:



Annie Flanagan, Emma Li, Sejer Bischoff, Harrison Knoch, 

Michael Chorba, Ining Tsai, Katie Sikma, Max Stachowicz, Rafael Baird, 

Andrew Kim, Filippa Hvelplund, Euphenia Tejeda, Kosei Ikeda, 

Charlotte Valvanis, Jackson Lipsey, Vivian Lee, William Kong, 

Lila Casto, Jayden Nguyen, Gabriel Knowles


NATIONAL ARCHERS - Elementary Division

Emma Li -- 1,873 in the country

Sejer Bischoff -- 1,739 in the country

Annie Flanagan -- 29 in the country


Student Archer 3
CP Student Archer 2
CP Student Archer 1
Students With Mr. Chorba


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