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Sharing, Learning, Improving: CP's Dual Language Immersion Team at North Carolina Conference

Principal Dineen Gruchacz had the privilege of attending the 7th International Dual Language Immersion Conference in Charlotte with the two newest Spanish Partner Teachers at Community Park, Señora Abril Retana (Kindergarten) and Señora Yaimee Herrera-Stacy (fourth grade).

The three educators visited two DLI schools and attended a number of pre-conference workshops, as well as participating in three days of conference sessions, two keynotes and meetings with Dual Language Educators from around the globe. They returned with an extensive collection of articles, research and data-based recommendations for DLI programs that they shared with the entire DLI team at Community Park.

This was a fantastic opportunity for learning and building a network of professional resources. Most importantly, their time in North Carolina affirmed the PPS vision and implementation of the Community Park Dual Language Immersion program---now in it's fourth year!

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