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In February, Community Park staff and students welcomed Marissa Warren to the library where she will serve as librarian while Mrs. Jones is on maternity leave.

Ms. Warren is a natural fit for the CP library since she works at Princeton Public Library in the Youth Services division. "It's great to see CP students at the Princeton Public Library," she says.

Ms. Warren grew up in the Princeton area and has a master's degree in Library Science. She enjoys children's literature in general, has a particular interest in graphic novels, and she likes to search out unusual international children's books. "As part of my graduate school studies I was able too go to the International Book Fair in Bologna last year," she says. "I saw some amazing children's books, particularly Arabic and Farsi children's books."

In addition to being interested in children, books and libraries, Ms. Warren is also an artist who creates book characters using cardboard and paint. She currently has an exhibition at the Chapin School.

Wondering what you want to read next? Ms. Warren has book recommendations for every grade level and every reader at CP!


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