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Dear CP Families,

Welcome back to school! Let’s partner to make this a safe and wonderful year for everyone!

Please review any aspects of this plan with your child(ren) that you think need to be explained. Some of these processes/plans are different than what we are used to. Our goal is to be clear and to clearly communicate what is expected of everyone. Masks are required at all times.

We will do all that we can to keep our CP community safe. Help us to do that by sharing information with your children and talking with them about what to expect. Teachers will send classroom specific information.

Unfortunately, we have experience with this and know what to do. Your children are considerate and sensitive. We will get through this safely.


Dineen Gruchacz


Before Arriving and Arrival

The daily screening tool for all students MUST be completed before 7:30 am. Failure to comply with completing the tool will result in a phone call home to pick-up your child from school. This is critical to keeping CP safe this school year! Arrival begins at 8:00am – no earlier!

All students who arrive by car will be dropped off along the sidewalk. Cars must pull up to the library doors. Stay in your car and a staff member will help to get your child out and pointed in the right direction. Kindergarten, First and Second Graders will use the library entrance.  Students in Grades 3, 4, & 5 will walk in through the main entrance.  Do not leave your car unattended in the car line at any time. Walkers/bikers will be directed to enter the building at the entrances as described above.

Once students enter the building, they will pick up breakfast if they have not eaten. All students are offered free breakfast this year. They will eat in one of our designated areas. Nurse Vera will coordinate with our food services regarding restrictions for food allergies.

Lunch and Recess

All students are offered free lunch this year. Lunch periods will be 20 minutes long. Students will eat lunch in a variety of spaces to ensure social distance and safety. Some classes will eat in their classroom, some in the cafeteria (facing the same direction, 3 feet apart )and lunch will be outside when possible. Students can bring their own lunch to school. Hand washing/sanitizing and cleaning of surfaces will take place. While lunch is considered a “social” time for students to gather, we are going have students stay focused on eating lunch without their mask on rather than talking. When students are finished eating, they will immediately put their mask back on. Recess will be 30 minutes long, outside. In inclement weather, we will have an alternate activity / indoor recess planned for our students so that they enjoy a mental break before returning to their class.


We encourage our students to bring a snack to school every day. Snack helps them to get through the school day.


Our bus riders will be dismissed via the main entrance and be escorted to the bus pick up area (Witherspoon Street). There will be social distancing on the bus and masks must be worn at all times

Our car pickup students will gather inside near the library entrance and will wait for their parent to arrive, and their name will be called. Please wait in your vehicle for your child to be escorted to the car. Please have your child’s name displayed in the window of your car so we can quickly see the name. Please drive slowly and carefully in our driveway.

Students who are signed up for the YMCA After-School Program will be walked to the APR where they will be met by the YMCA staff. 

Walkers will be dismissed via doors indicated in our Arrival/Dismissal procedures document. 

Masks and Mask Breaks

Masks will be worn by all students and staff members at CP. When mask breaks are taken, students will maintain social distancing rules and will be supervised by an adult.


HVAC  and Indoor Air Quality

Last summer, CP was under construction to replace the HVAC system in all of the classrooms. AIREDALE Ventilation Systems were installed. For specific information regarding the HVAC system, please see the links below.

Video: FAQ about indoor air quality with the Director of Facilities

Health & Safety Protocols

Indoor Air Quality


Covid Testing for Students

PPS recently completed a survey to opt in for receiving State COVID-19 screening testing support to initiate a program to screen our unvaccinated students. We will await further information from the state on next steps.  In the meantime, we will continue to explore options available to initiate a testing program when COVID-19 activity levels in our local community are in the moderate to very high range.


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