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Thank You To Grade 4 Parents and Teachers for a Successful Trip to Howell Farm

A big thank-you to all the parents and teachers who made the recent fourth grade trip to Howell Farm a huge success. How do you saw a giant log? How do you split wood with a hatchet? How do you make Wheat Griddle Cakes? This may not seem like the typical curriculum in fourth grade but to visit Howell Farm is to step into another world. Since farming began on the site in the 1730s, it's ben used for just about every type of farming you can imagine. It now exists in a rural setting as an example of farming as it was practiced in New Jersey more than a hundred years ago. Students from all fourth-grade classes -- Mr. Rodos, Mrs. Czelusniak, Mrs. Sowienski, Mrs. Herrera-Stacy -- were able to participate in a day of exploration and learning at Howell Farm, including a number of hands-on activities.



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