We pride ourselves in teaching mathematics in a way that engages, intrigues, and challenges our students, beginning with the basics in pre-Kindergarten through advanced classes at Princeton High School. Most students at John Witherspoon Middle School study pre-algebra in 6th grade and progress to algebra in 7th grade, which they continue to study in 8th grade. This track puts students on a path to take a range of highly rigorous math courses at Princeton High School, including calculus in their senior year if they so desire. We encourage students to work closely with their math teachers and guidance counselors to select courses that are appropriately challenging at the high school level.


Elementary Mathematics K-5


Elementary to Middle School Transition

We want to create the most successful mathematics experience for all students as they transition from elementary mathematics into more advance mathematics in middle and high school. 6th grade students will begin their middle school math experience in Pre-Algebra.  This will set a strong foundation for all students and provide the opportunity to take many pathways in mathematics throughout the rest of their Princeton math career. Our dynamic middle school math teachers will focus on instructional strategies that put students at the center of the classroom. The 6th grade teachers will support students' learning needs at all levels through differentiation.  This includes both enrichment through challenging problem solving tasks and interventions through flexible small group instruction.  In order to provide the 6th grade teachers with information on every student to plan for differentiated instruction, we conduct end of year testing for 5th grade students.  That includes the administration of the Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test and a constructed problem solving response task.  We also will utilize a digital tool, IXL for mathematics, to support teachers in their efforts to differentiate, support, and enrich the learning experience for all students. For further information regarding the 5th to 6th grade transition to middle school mathematics, please click here see the parent letter.
JWMS 6-8 Course Sequence
9-12 Math & CS Course Sequences

Advancing a Course

The packet will avalible February 1st.


PHS 3-Year Research Program

The PHS 3-Year Research Program is now accepting applications. This program is geared towards students who are interested in pursuing their own independent scientific research project. All current freshmen are eligible to apply. The application will require a writing sample, recommendation form from a teacher, and article reading/questions (to be conducted at Tiger Time on 1/27 or at break on 1/29). Students should be independent and highly motivated to pursue a science project. Please see Ms. Smolyn (Room 270), Ms. Katz (Room 280) or Mr. Eastburn (Room 287) for a copy of the application and reach out if you have any questions!



Stephenie Tidwell, Math and Business Supervisor
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