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About Us and Members

The Board of Education is an elected, unpaid group of 10 citizens who act as a single body to set policy and make decisions on educational, financial, and personnel matters for Princeton Public Schools on behalf of all residents. While the Board is legally responsible for school programs and operations, it delegates authority for the district's daily operations to the Superintendent of Schools. Individual Board members may bring any question, concern or suggestion to a Board Committee or full Board Meeting for discussion, but no action can be taken without full Board approval. Individual Board members do not exercise authority over or direct staff. 

In general, the following are the most important functions of the Board: 
  • Setting and maintaining policies that define the district's values and expectations 
  • Approving the Annual School Budget
  • Representing the community's educational philosophy 
  • Hiring and annual evaluation of the Superintendent
  • Supporting and implementing the district's Strategic Plan

For more information about Board operations please see the Bylaws Section of the Board Policies. 

Board Meetings

The public is invited to attend any public meeting held by the Board. All meetings are scheduled for Valley Road Administration Building at 25 Valley Road, Princeton, NJ. Board meetings begin with a call to order at 6:00 PM and immediately move into closed session at 6:01 PM. The Public Session begins at approximately 7:30 PM unless otherwise noted. Formal action will be taken at all meetings unless otherwise noted. 

Meetings are scheduled for the dates listed below. Additional meetings may be added as necessary.  

January 22, 2019
February 19, 2019 (Budget Workshop)
February 26, 2019
March 19, 2019 (Board Meeting/Tentative Budget Adoption)
April 23, 2019 (Budget Hearing/Board Meeting)
May 7, 2019 (Staff Appointments, Open Forum)
May 20, 2019 
June 11, 2019 
July 16, 2019 
August 27, 2019 
September 24, 2019 
October 29, 2019 
November 19, 2019 
December 17, 2019 

January 6, 2020 (Board Organization Meeting*)
*7:00 p.m. Organization Meeting


Meet the Board Events 

Tuesday, June 4: Referendum Update

At the Board meeting on June 4, our architects will provide the community with an update on the current status of the referendum projects, with a highlight on those that are moving ahead this summer and next fall. The presentation will also include a look at external elevations proposed for the second floor addition designed to house four new classrooms at PHS.

7:30 pm - Valley Road Conference Room

Thursday June 6: Bagels with the Board

Have a question for the Board or an idea for the district you would like to share? Meet with members of the Board for an informal breakfast. Feel free to stop by!

8:30 - 10:00 am - Valley Road Conference Room

Tuesday, June 11: Security Presentation

Our Board meeting on June 11 will begin with a presentation outlining our approach to safety and security in the Princeton Public Schools. The presentation will place the physical changes we are recommending as part of the referendum within the larger context of all we are doing to ensure we have a caring school climate and a trained and vigilant staff.  The presentation also will feature Jeff Gale, the Director of the Office of School Preparedness and Emergency Planning for the New Jersey Department of Education.

7:30 pm - Valley Road Conference Room


Board Agendas and Minutes

You can view the Board agenda for the upcoming meeting and minutes for previous meetings.  


Watch Board Meetings

You can watch Board meetings live and see previously recorded meetings on our YouTube channel.


Board Committees

Equity Committee - Michele Tuck-Ponder*

Betsy Baglio, Jess Deutsch, Bill Hare, Debbie Bronfeld 

Facilities - Greg Stankiewicz*

Bill Hare, Dan Dart, Brian McDonald, Beth Behrend 

Finance - Bill Hare*

Beth Behrend, Dan Dart, Brian McDonald, Greg Stankiewicz 

Personnel - Debbie Bronfeld* 

Betsy Baglio, Michele Tuck-Ponder, Dan Dart, Beth Behrend (Alternate)

Policy - Greg Stankiewicz*, Jess Deutsch*

Brian McDonald, Evelyn Spann, Michele Tuck-Ponder (Alternate)

Student Achievement -Betsy Baglio* 

Debbie Bronfeld, Beth Behend, Dan Dart, Jess Deutsch, (Alternate), Brian McDonald, (Alternate), Evelyn Spann, (Alternate)

*Chair of Committee



SPED - Betsy Kalber Baglio, Bill Hare, Dan Dart

PTOC - Betsy Kalber Baglio, Beth Behrend

PHS PTO - Greg Stankiewicz, Brian McDonald

JW PTO - Debbie Bronfeld, Dan Dart

Community Park PTO - Betsy Kalber Baglio

Johnson Park PTO - Debbie Bronfeld, Dan Dart

Littlebrook PTO - Brian McDonald

Riverside PTO - Jess Deutsch, Beth Behrend

Princeton Planning Board - Greg Stankiewicz

NJ School Board Association - Greg Stankiewicz


District Budget

View the 2018-2019 budget

View the 2019-2020 budget presentation

View the 2019-2020 user-friendly budget

View Understanding School Finances presentation slides

View the 2019-2020 budget Q&A.

If you have difficulty accessing the budget, please contact the Communications Department at


Board Policies and Documents

All updated board policies and board documents can be found on the BoardDocs website. 

Board Member Responsibilities 

Responsibilities of Board Members Serving on a School Board, as outlined by the New Jersey School Board Association, includes the fulfillment of certain responsibilities as noted below:

1. Establishing goals for the public schools based on student educational needs, parent and community aspirations, state and federal standards and district financial resources.
2. Developing a philosophy of education that will become the basis for sound decisions that affect the governance of your community's schools.
3. Developing policies to guide the administration in managing the schools; and developing bylaws to direct the board in carrying out its governance responsibilities.
4. Developing a community understanding of educational issues and school policies through the maintenance of effective communications systems.
5. Providing adequate funding through the school budget for the district's present and future needs.
6. Ensuring quality education by providing adequate facilities and equipment.
7. Establishing conditions that enable the administration to recruit and effectively evaluate professional staff.
8. Engaging in board self-evaluation and in-service training programs for the purpose of providing well-informed leadership and sound decision-making.
9. Establishing a process for the board to negotiate in good faith with its employees, while representing community educational goals and financial interests.
10. Abiding by the oath of office for school board members.

Princeton Public Schools Board of Education

Goals For 2019

1 - Refinement of board governance with an emphasis on the development of processes, policies, and procedures that enhance strategic focus, communication, transparency, impact and Board effectiveness.

2 - Leading with values that reflect our district's vision, communicating and engaging with the public to address existing and future PPS needs.

3 - Advocating at the State level for legislative actions that could enhance our district's ability to provide the highest quality education to all PPS students while
maintaining affordability as a key to the preservation of diversity.

Superintendent’s Goals

January – June 2019

Our Mission

Our mission is to prepare all of our students to lead lives of joy and purpose as knowledgeable, creative and compassionate citizens of a global society.

Our Values

To achieve our mission, we strive to stay true to our values of partnership, innovation, and care.

  • Our schools are places of partnership where educators work closely with one another, where relationships with families are forged, and where collaborations with individuals and organizations across our community and throughout the world support the highest levels of teaching and learning.

  • Our schools are places of innovation where curiosity is sparked, risk-taking is encouraged, and where problems are viewed as opportunities for deeper understanding and creative solutions.

  • Our schools are places of care where every child is known, every culture valued, and where kindness and courage are modeled.

Our Strategic Planning Goals: 2016 - 2021

  • Wellness and Balance

  • Every Child Known

  • Closing the Achievement Gap

  • Innovation in Teaching and Learning

  • Communication, Connection and Care


Superintendent's Goals: 2019

1. Advancing Equity in the Service of Student Achievement: Equity is the goal that overarches all five of our strategic planning goals. A district that is educationally equitable is one in which we welcome and value all individuals for who they are and provide the structures, relationships, and resources they need to achieve their greatest potential. The throughlines that connect all of the strategic planning goals and that move us toward our vision of equity are 1) differentiation of instruction and 2) culturally responsive teaching. In 2019, the Superintendent will extend those throughlines and advance both equity and student achievement through the attainment of the following goals:

     A:  Implementation of a District-Wide Approach to Restorative Justice – As an outcome of our Equity Audit, the strategic implementation of a district-wide plan for Restorative Justice will continue our focus on proactive approaches such as building a strong sense of community within each school, training in implicit bias and trauma informed teaching, increasing the diversity and responsiveness of our staff, and connecting with leaders in our community. It will also involve responsive approaches such as repairing harm and restoring relationships when violations of community standards occur. This work will take place over at least two years and will involve engagement of students, educators, and community leaders. By June of 2019, the Superintendent will ensure 1) training for all administrators in the principles of Restorative Justice, 2) training for each school’s Climate and Safety team in the principles of Restorative Justice, and 3) the development of a student-authored anti-bias statement that will serve as a foundational description of how students want to be treated and treat one another.

     B:  Enhancing Equity through Response to Diverse Learners – The superintendent, together with the Director of Student Services and the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, will continue a three-year process to evaluate and enhance outcomes for special education students as they relate to IEP compliance, organizational efficiency, and effective and empathetic communication with parents and guardians of students with special needs. This will be the second year of this goal and will focus on implementing identified professional development for teachers to ensure legal compliance and enhanced instruction, specifically: implementing pre-referral interventions, understanding the role of the Child Study Team, accurately reading all sections of an IEP, understanding the differences between an IEP and a 504 and the legal mandates of both, understanding the differences between accommodations and modifications, and maximizing the use of an instructional assistant in the classroom.

     C.  Gifted and Talented Program Review – By June 30, 2019, the superintendent together with the Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction will facilitate a review of the district’s Gifted and Talented Program. The review will examine G&T through the lens of equity and lead to recommendations regarding identification procedures and enrichment structures that will promote engagement and high-level learning for all students. The review will focus initially on the K-8 level and will involve a committee of teachers and administrators representing all schools and various departments. This review is a critical undertaking for our district with the potential to enhance our work in the area of differentiation and to further our mission of ensuring all students lead lives of joy and purpose.

2. Referendum Implementation, Oversight, and Communication – Given the recent passage of a $26.9 million school facilities referendum, the Superintendent will work with the Board to oversee the implementation of the approved projects, provide regular communication to the community about the progress of those projects, and engage the community in ways that allow for input regarding the projects from stakeholders and community members with recognized expertise. Action items include 1) hiring a construction management firm, 2) working with the architect, Board, and building administrators to approve a construction schedule, 3) coordinating with the Facilities Committee of the Board to leverage the expertise of community members and community partners, 4) establishing building-based Referendum Review teams, 5) creating a Referendum Projects webpage on which key information can be posted, and 6) providing periodic updates to the press that allow the full community to be informed.

3. Financial Stewardship – In a continuing commitment to maintain the affordability of public education in an increasingly resource-constrained environment, while also enhancing learning for a growing and diverse student population, the superintendent will 1) work with his administrative team to present the Board with potential and prioritized reductions in expenses, 2) work with association leadership to present to district staff the mutual cost-savings of Health Savings Accounts, 3) collaborate with the municipality to explore savings through additional shared-services, 4) plan for the implementation of energy-saving facility upgrades, and 5) join the Board in its advocacy for legislative changes in the State’s school funding formula and other aid allocations.

Board Members

Beth Behrend, President
Term Expires 2020

Greg Stankiewicz
Greg Stankiewicz, Vice President
Term expires 2019

Betsy Baglio
Betsy Baglio
Term Expires 2021
Jessica Deutsch
Jessica Deutsch
Term Expires 2020

Debbie Bronfeld
Debbie Bronfeld
Term expires 2019

Bill Hare
Bill Hare
Term expires 2019

Brian McDonald
Term Expires 2021

Daniel Dart
Term Expires 2021

Michele Tuck-Ponder
Term expires 2020

Evelyn Spann

Evelyn Spann
Cranbury Representative

Sam Harshbarger
Student Representative

Allie Rounds
Student Representative